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How to mount a Media Center at home with Raspberry Pi and Raspbmc

como-montar-un-centro-multimedia-en-casa-con-raspberry-pi-y-raspbmcRecently a family member brought me to Madrid screen TV flat which was left him. As I am not much TV (I see a lot filmography, but always under download or purchase) in principle thought to use it as a second monitor for your home computer, Although after KIA [...]

rpix86 0.12, new version of MS -DOS emulator for Raspberry Pi

rpix86-0-12-nueva-version-del-emulador-de-ms-dos-para-raspberry-pirpix86 is an emulator for MS-DOS able to operate applications designed for x 86 architectures (remember that Raspberry Pi is a system on ARM) and which emulates a computer with Intel processor to 20 MHz, 16 MB of RAM, 640 × 480 graphics 256 colors and S [...] sound card

Graph the temperature of the CPU with Node.js and Highcharts

graficar-la-temperatura-de-la-cpu-con-node-js-y-highchartsToday I come to show you a project that I am working on. I have come to the point where I'd rather teach you how do it before that show you the project when you finish everything (who also will do it). Recently, Mr AlexCorvis published a post on Xively and Raspberry Pi, a ma [...]

Compile and execute Java code from the terminal

compilar-y-ejecutar-codigo-java-desde-la-terminalLately we have received a few requests for a tutorial that explains how to run Java in our Raspberry Pi code, whether it be a JAR or a single class. Good, so here you have it. To perform this walkthrough, We will have to install Java in the Raspberry Pi. Actually, This tutorial [...]