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Pibrella, a plate with Visual effects with support from ScratchGPIO to Raspberry Pi

pibrella-una-placa-con-efectos-visuales-con-soporte-de-scratchgpio-para-raspberry-piPibrella is a new expansion card for the Raspberry Pi. Consta de 3 Large size (Red LEDs / Amber / Green), 4 outputs with with white LEDs to indicate its status, 4 tickets, a great switch and a buzzer. Thanks to the support of the ScratchGPIO library, we can use this pla [...]

Effect Timelapse with Python, avconv and Raspberry Pi

efecto-timelapse-con-python-avconv-y-raspberry-piAfter the successful article about OpenCV and Raspberry IP camera which offered us Trevor Appleton blog, again bring us a good tutorial on the time-lapse effect programmed in Python language and using the avconv command from the console. Avconv is the new command [...]

Windows CE in the Raspberry Pi

windows-ce-en-la-raspberry-piSince it went on sale the Raspberry Pi have been many operating systems that have been ported to this small computer, most linux distributions, Although there is some version of Android and also MS-DOS although emulated. The only operating system that still has not sid [...]

SID, a robotic arm that can handle live

maneja-en-directo-un-brazo-robotico-y-obten-la-maxima-puntuacionOn the web if Digital have used a Raspberry Pi, Node.js, Nginx and the camera module to create a controllable robot arm live. You can use the web browser controls or the arrow keys (I only have been able to make it work with the arrow keys and the key [...]