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Install Raspbian in the Raspberry Pi on a hard disk

instalar-raspbian-en-la-raspberry-pi-en-un-disco-duroAgain, an excellent tutorial by the guys at instructables that this time brings us to how to install Raspbian or any other distribution to our choice, a hard disk with Raspberry Pi. To do this we will need: a Raspberry Pi, a keyboard and a mouse, an ethernet cable or a [...]

PiePal requests a pizza with just one click

piepal-pide-una-pizza-con-tan-solo-pulsar-un-botonAfter the construction of a series of social machines as a paintball marker that shot using tweets, the guys at Strategylabs have decided to take on a new challenge. This time they have built a device with a switch capable of online in the pizzeria m [...]

Quick Guide to the nano text editor of Raspberry IP

guia-rapida-para-el-editor-de-textos-nano-de-la-raspberry-piIf I have to edit text files directly in my Raspberry Pi, my text editor is nano. There is other text editors available, but I prefer the relatively simple interface of nano. As it is a command line based utility, users who are more familiar c [...]

How to install multiple operating systems on a single SD card for Raspberry Pi

como-instalar-multiples-sistemas-operativos-en-una-sola-tarjeta-sd-para-raspberry-piThe implementation of several projects in the Raspberry Pi usually requires a different operation or configuration of the operating system for each, What is best achieved with multiple SD cards. But, is there a way to have a "dual-boot" of the operating system? The Raspberry Pi is [...]