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Programming with Javascript in Minecraft Raspberry Pi

programacion-en-minecraft-con-javascript-en-la-raspberry-piProgrammer based in Ireland, Walter Higgins ha creado ScriptCraft, Minecraft mod allows you to program using Javascript inside Minecraft. It uses a version of the Minecraft server using CraftBukkit (Craftbukkit version is a Minecraft server with Bukkit inte [...]

Installing the Raspberry Pi Weewx

instalacion-de-weewx-en-la-raspberry-piChris Davies-Barnard wanted to use the Raspberry Pi to read data from the weather station La Crosse. To do this, he is using the software Weewx. weewx es un software open source escrito en Python , that interacts with a weather station to produce graphics, [...]

Use Python to get the temperature of the CPU and GPU of the Raspberry Pi

utilizar-python-para-obtener-la-temperatura-de-la-cpu-y-la-gpu-de-la-raspberry-piIn this post I'll show you a simple script that will help you control the temperature of the Raspberry Pi using Python . If you did not know, Raspberry Pi has sensors that can be used to get the temperature of CPU and GPU. This can be useful as a source of protection p [...]

Electrical outlets controlled by voice with Raspberry Pi

enchufes-electricos-controlados-por-voz-con-raspberry-piThis project is a combination of several resources: • My project control individual stream with Raspberry Pi and Python , Originally inspired by the user with the automation wilq44 article with Raspberry Pi GPIO. • WiringPi , software written by Gordon Henderson permission [...]