News about Software

rpix86 0.13, new update of the emulator for MSDOS Raspberry Pi for

rpix86-0-13-nueva-version-del-emulador-de-ms-dos-para-raspberry-pirpix86 is an emulator for MS-DOS able to operate applications designed for x 86 architectures (remember that Raspberry Pi is a system on ARM) and which emulates a computer with Intel processor to 20 MHz, 16 MB of RAM, 640 × 480 graphics 256 colors and S [...] sound card

Update our Raspberry Pi with Raspbian

actualizar-nuestra-raspberry-pi-con-raspbianWhen to install a Linux operating system in the Raspberry Pi, normally already exists in circulation a update or a review of improvements that our system does not contain. To update the system, We must carry out a series of actions in order to have the latest kernel compiled [...]

PiTris: LCD display more nunchuck Wii to play Tetris in the Raspberry Pi

pitris-pantalla-lcd-mas-nunchuck-de-wii-para-jugar-al-tetris-en-la-raspberry-piVince has used a Raspberry Pi, two screens of 8 x 8 LED, an LCD screen of 7 segments and a remote control nunchuck for Wii to create a game very similar to the Tetris which has called PiTris. The game is controlled by the accelerometer on the nunchuck remote, instead of using a lever of mand [...]

The Raspberry Pi and the international space station

la-raspberry-pi-y-la-estacion-espacial-internacionalA couple of months ago, Liam Kennedy decided to enter crowdfunding on Kickstarter to build a small toy desktop that tell him if the international space station spent above your head. But the support was too slow and Liam then decided to build his own toy us [...]