Noticias sobre Software

Access the GPIO port using Ruby Raspberry Pi

acceso-al-puerto-gpio-de-la-raspberry-pi-mediante-rubyOne of the main features of the Raspberry Pi is the GPIO port, connector 21 pin where you can connect external hardware and have fun. You can access the GPIO mediente wiringpi library written in C, who happens to have good links to Ruby also, so going to ins [...]

A Raspberry Pi to turn the Christmas lights

una-raspberry-pi-para-activar-las-luces-de-navidadThis was a fun project to try to do some flashing lights. Of course, had to be a little more complex than that, so a Raspberry Pi is used for Internet connectivity, and some analog circuitry is used to generate multiple PWM outputs with [...]

rpix86 0.13, new update of MS-DOS emulator for Raspberry Pi

rpix86-0-13-nueva-version-del-emulador-de-ms-dos-para-raspberry-pirpix86 es un emulador de MS-DOS capaz de hacer funcionar aplicaciones diseñadas para arquitecturas x86 (recordemos que Raspberry Pi es un sistema sobre ARM) y que emula una computadora con procesador Intel a 20 MHz, 16 MB of RAM, charts of 640 × 480 at 256 colores y una tarjeta de sonido S [...]

Raspberry Pi update our Raspbian

actualizar-nuestra-raspberry-pi-con-raspbianWhen you install a Linux OS on Raspberry Pi, circulation normally exists in an update or a review of improvements that our system does not contain. To update the system, debemos de realizar una serie de acciones para poder tener el último kernel compilado en [...]