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New NOOBS V1.3.3 update available

nueva-actualizacion-de-noobs-v1-3-3-disponibleNOOBS is an application for the Raspberry Pi able to install multiple operating systems on a single SD card. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced a new update V1.3.3. Among its improvements would highlight the following: • New firmware 3.10 y kernel, numerous improvements [...]

Installing Mono 3.2.7 in the Raspberry Pi

instalacion-de-mono-3-2-7-en-la-raspberry-piMono is the name of an open source project initiated by Ximian and Novell currently driven (following the acquisition of Ximian) to create a set of free tools, Compatible based on GNU / Linux and .NET as specified by the ECMA. Mono is a free implementation [...]

Draft a flashing LED in C for Raspberry Pi

proyecto-de-un-led-intermitente-en-c-para-raspberry-piThis tutorial shows how to connect an LED to connector expansion Raspberry Pi and make it flash with a simple program written in C . First, in order to programmatically change an LED on and off needs to be connected between a pin of gene order [...]

Cross-compiler for Raspberry Pi with scratchbox2

cross-compiler-para-raspberry-pi-con-scratchbox2Wear time doing cross-compiler for Linux kernel Raspberry Pi but always compile a C program itself, I had been very difficult. Hoy decidí probar con scratchbox2 y este es el borrador del "work-in-progress". La verdad parece muy util y directo que otro acer [...]