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Controle on Raspberry Pi Pi desde an iPhone with Command

controle-su-raspberry-pi-desde-un-iphone-con-command-piRemotely control one Raspberry Pi, her tiny micro-computadora, It is now easier thanks to an application for iOS. Command Pi (available on the App Store for $ 0.99USD) offers a simple and elegant interface which lets you do various activities from your mobile device to the Raspbe [...]

PiFox, a game made entirely in pure ARM assembler for Raspberry Pi

pifox-un-juego-hecho-totalmente-en-puro-ensamblador-arm-para-raspberry-piiStar Fox was a game for the Nintendo SNES, launched 1993, a 3D game in which the player was traveling at high speed along a path bounded, avoiding obstacles and shooting enemies while collecting power-ups would. Those obstacles were 3D polygons, which e [...]

Revive ZX Spectrum games with your Raspberry Pi

resucita-los-juegos-del-zx-spectrum-con-tu-raspberry-piTalking about Sinclair computers is talking about myths, the last true legends of our most immediate information age. Especially there is a computer that highlighted Sinclair, it is the well-known ZX Spectrum. The ZX Spectrum is an historic computer company British p [...]

Duel in multiplayer Tetris with two Raspberry Pi

duelo-en-tetris-multijugador-con-dos-raspberry-piMaking a multiplayer game using the Raspberry Pi is a challenge by itself. But do it in assembly language appears to be truly torture. But this is what made a group of first year students at Imperial College, UK, London. They created a Sun [...]