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PiTris: LCD display more nunchuck Wii to play Tetris in the Raspberry Pi

pitris-pantalla-lcd-mas-nunchuck-de-wii-para-jugar-al-tetris-en-la-raspberry-piVince has used a Raspberry Pi, two screens of 8 x 8 LED, an LCD screen of 7 segments and a remote control nunchuck for Wii to create a game very similar to the Tetris which has called PiTris. The game is controlled by the accelerometer on the nunchuck remote, instead of using a lever of mand [...]

The Raspberry Pi and the international space station

la-raspberry-pi-y-la-estacion-espacial-internacionalA couple of months ago, Liam Kennedy decided to enter crowdfunding on Kickstarter to build a small toy desktop that tell him if the international space station spent above your head. But the support was too slow and Liam then decided to build his own toy us [...]

Synergy in the Raspberry Pi

synergy-en-la-raspberry-piSynergy is a free software and open source, which allows multiple computers to share a mouse and a keyboard. It operates in a client/server architecture. The server share your mouse and keyboard to different clients that exist. All this is done on the net. So if your Raspbe [...]

How to mount a Media Center at home with Raspberry Pi and Raspbmc

como-montar-un-centro-multimedia-en-casa-con-raspberry-pi-y-raspbmcRecently a family member brought me to Madrid screen TV flat which was left him. As I am not much TV (I see a lot filmography, but always under download or purchase) in principle thought to use it as a second monitor for your home computer, Although after KIA [...]