Add a display of 8 X 8 and power battery to your Raspberry Pi

The project that we are going to talk today about kills two birds with one stone. Sometimes I'd like to show in the Raspberry Pi, and maybe with a simple display of 8×8 would have sufficient. And other times I would be interested fed with batteries the Raspberry Pi, It would need to adapt the voltage supplied by the batteries. In Adafruit have posted an excellent tutorial that includes both the power by four AA batteries of the Raspberry Pi as the addition of a display of 8×8.

And not only covers the hardware, but also includes the software needed to display information on the display.

The necessary components are, Besides the Raspberry Pi (se utiliza el modelo nuevo B+), a battery holder for four AA batteries, a plate RasPi Robot Board v2 of MonkMakes and the Adafruit Bicolor LED Square Pixel Matrix display with I2C connection.

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Autor: Fernando Doutel

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