Astrophotography with Raspberry IP camera

Christs Vasilas, a true lover of astronomy and electronics, You tried to use the camera to the Raspberry Pi as a tool to carry out space photography. In fact, It has achieved fantastic images, Crystal, incluso en video (ver más adelante), o de Saturno (fotografías), where the rings are clearly visible, for example.

Christs used polyurethane to secure the camera to the telescope Viewer, and rode the Raspberry Pi on the same tube using Velcro. El autor dice: ” Una cámara para el telescopio Celestron 5M puede costar unos 200 dollars and even then, I doubt that it is so versatile as the Raspberry Pi. Since I shot these images, Christs has discovered that a group of amateur astronomers have put public code to control Stellarium, the Planetarium software that tells the telescope where move when looking for a particular point in the sky. If you have not used Stellarium, You should try it. Don't even need a telescope for use.

Christ said that we must do more work in terms of the exhibitions of the photos, manipulating the results attributes, as the brightness, contrast, etc. He thinks that soon will these results on your blog. Without a doubt this is one of the most interesting applications for the Raspberry Pi.

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