Audio Infuser 4700, a team musical wifi controlled by a Raspberry Pi

Team Audio Infuser 4700 It is an original creation made by hand, built to transmit music from Wi-Fi devices, as well as playing vinyl records. It is built with wood, polished aluminium and all switches have been extracted from other old music equipment. The equipment consists of a screen where it looks like it starts Linux. By pressing a switch, the screen becomes an oscilloscope are displayed where forms of waves while the music plays. Pressing the switch again, We return to the Raspberry Pi where can play various games like Pacman, Asteroids or Space Invaders.

Today, connectivity through wireless and mobile devices are what define the characteristics of future music systems.

La transmisión de música inalámbrica nunca había sonado tan bien!!!

More information on Audio Infuser 4700 | Click here

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