They recognize that WikiLeaks, the Bitcoin and Raspberry Pi “change the world for the better”
The Nominet Trust portal, created to support projects on the Internet that have a positive influence on the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people, He has submitted a list of people and organizations that “inspiring social change”. The projects included in the list of Nominet Trust 100 (NT100) cubren una amplia gama de áreas, Leer Más
3D scanner with multiple Raspberry Pi
Soy un gran fan de Arduino y Raspberry Pi, and also I love the printing 3D. I wanted to be able to make a 3D model of my children and I began to research how to build a 3D scanner. I have found a lot of solutions out there, pero el problema con la mayoría de ellos es Leer Más
Recognition of gestures with a glove and a Raspberry Pi
Adam Smith-Kipnis of the team , a small team of technicians and designers “impassioned by the computer laptop”, se puso en contacto con la Fundación Raspberry Pi para informarles sobre su reciente victoria en un hackathon de informática portátil. Se quedaron muy impresionados por el corto tiempo de desarrollo y la cantidad de tecnología utilizada Leer Más
Raspberry Pi in the HackPrinceton Fall 2013
HackPrinceton, It is a bi-annual hackathon hosted by a private business club, that it has experienced an increase in the participation of this past weekend, attracting more of 500 non-university students who passed during 48 hours creating hardware or software to your choice projects. Los hackathons HackPrinceton anteriores acogieron a poco Leer Más
Comunicación inalámbrica desde Raspberry Pi a ATTiny85 (con trampa)
In my anxious task to cheaper home automation that can be, I am going to teach to send a signal, via radio frequency, desde la Raspberry Pi, hacia un microcontrolador ATTiny85 (o cualquier otro). Parto del hecho que ya dominas mis otros posts: Comunicacion por RF a 433Mhz desde Arduino hasta Raspberry Pi, Leer Más