Excessive temperature and different forms of cooling in the Raspberry Pi
En la anterior entrega de Aprende seguridad con Raspberry Pi vimos como monitorizar nuestra Raspberry con RPi Monitor, and many of you may have noticed that according to the use that we are giving you, especially if we've done Overclock and/or Overvolt, the temperature of our Pi has increased. Investigando que zonas de la Raspberry Pi Leer Más
Enjoy raspberry Pi's 3,5 million sales worldwide
Raspberry Pi acaba de anunciar el hito de 3,5 million units sold worldwide. The base plate is constructed on the basis of an ARM CPU and runs in Linux using a SD card as hard drive. The mini-PC also has with a connector RCA and a port HDMI, para el acceso Leer Más
Imagination Technologies will give its alternative to Raspberry Pi
The company Imagination Technologies, responsible for the mobile devices from Apple and House of PowerVR graphics purchased MIPS in order to be able to stand up to ARM. La compañía ha decidido ahora empezar a producir una placa al estilo de la Raspberry Pi que ellos mismos definen como si hubiera consumido esteroides. Quitando Leer Más
HATs: Lo nuevo para la Raspberry Pi
La Raspberry Pi es una computadora completa, from 35 Dollars. It uses a version of Linux for an ARM processor and has connectors for keyboard, pantalla (HDMI) e incluso, to connect with many GB of RAM cards. In this way, a small card of the size of the equivalent of the credit, permite hacer cómputo de Leer Más
Raspberry PI y los pines GPIO: Controlando un LED con Bash y con Python
In the previous post we saw were the GPIO pins and some examples of practical applications, Today we will focus on the operation of general-purpose pins, and learn to control them with the interpreter's orders Bash and Python. We will use a LED, a resistance of 330 ohm, wire, Y Leer Más