PI Musicbox 5.0, for music lovers and users of Raspberry Pi
La Raspberry Pi no sólo resulta ser un magnífico reproductor de archivos multimedia (video), It is also an ideal device to use as audio player. ¿Cómo? Con Pi Musicbox, a distribution that now receives the version 5.0. With it we will be able to play music of different services online such as Spotify music, SoundCloud, Google Music Leer Más
OwnCloud in a Raspberry Pi installation manual
ownCloud es un software libre que nos permite la creación de una nube privada de forma fácil y rápida. ownCloud puede ser instalado siempre que el servidor disponga de PHP y una base de datos como MySQL. Is focused on the flexibility and security, siendo una gran alternativa libre a las soluciones privadas que existen Leer Más
Build a remote monitoring application using Bluemix, Cloudant and Raspberry Pi
Bluemix is an open-standards platform, cloud-based, que administra y opera aplicaciones de todos los tipos (web, Mobile, big data and intelligent devices, por ejemplo). "With a bit of code, la plataforma Bluemix y la cámara en una Raspberry Pi, We can create a simple home security system. Para Leer Más
The MagPi Magazine July 2014 now available for download
For several months, It is published free on the net, un magazine totalmente dedicado a la Raspberry Pi: The Magpi. The Magpi is a magazine of essential reading full of tricks, advice and commented experiments, both hardware and software. As only downer, It is in English, aunque ya se está traduciendo a otros Leer Más
Operation Counterstrike , a game Minecraft for Raspberry Pi
After my article “Construction of a castle in Minecraft with Python” I wanted to create a game Minecraft that out a little more interactive. I found a type of game that was done, so I decided to make a slightly different version, with a time limit. Thus it was born “Operation Counterstrike”. El script pone al azar un Leer Más