Pixeom, a small device in the cloud that serves not only accommodation
Pixeom is a new type of device in the cloud, It allows you to do more with their data. – A device that can store all your files, Photos, music and videos, that continues to grow to need more space of storage. – A device that allows you to synchronize documents, y automáticamente realizar una Leer Más
He manages to connect to the Internet with a computer made five years before the creation of the network
A US engineer has managed to return to life a Macintosh Plus of 1986, manufactured five years until work first web servers, with which has surprisingly managed to connect to the Internet. Jeff Keacher ha navegado por Internet valiéndose de una Raspberry Pi, a reduced plate computer, and a proxy server, what Leer Más
PI-Boy, a retro console built with a GameBoy
Anton MacArthur has caught an old GameBoy portable console, an LCD screen of 3 pulgadas y un mando de SNES por USB y ha conseguido crear un dispositivo de juegos retro con una Raspberry Pi totalmente portátil. This console has called Pi-Boy. El software utilizado para la emulación de los juegos ha sido Leer Más
Limelight: usando Raspberry Pi como Steam Machine
Raspberry Pi vuelve a marcarse una función extra, as a system of streaming video and content in general from a computer at home, the best style of Nvidia helicarrier. Que Raspberry Pi es una pieza de hardware excepcional no es secreto para nadie. Siempre nos divierte ver la infinidad de divertidos proyectos que se dejan Leer Más
How to replace the Raspberry IP SD card slot
As we all well know, cuando introducimos la tarjeta SD en la Raspberry Pi, This is part of it out of the slot. Esto es un inconveniente ya que cualquier golpe o caída de la Raspberry Pi al suelo, You can break the slot where the SD card is inserted. Llegados a este Leer Más