Raspberry Pi as a Syslog server
Syslog has its roots in the UNIX world. He served as register solution for UNIX and systems Unix-like for a long time. Today, syslog is a mechanism very popular and simple to them devices managed as routers and switches to generate messages for events. In this article, vamos a ofrecer una introducción al protocolo Leer Más
PI Tablet, a tablet design with a Raspberry Pi
It seems that every day, a manufacturer comes out with a new tablet. Slimmer, lighter, faster, but it seems that all of them do the same thing and manage to do more or less the same things. Cuando me puse a construir mi tableta con la Raspberry Pi quería algo diferente. Yo quería un sistema todo-en-uno que fuera Leer Más
Allwinner presents a competitor Octa Core of the Raspberry Pi
The CES 2014 you will witness the launch of a new chip of 8 nuclei and its corresponding Development Board, prepared to work with the Google Android operating system, in what may be one of the new technologies of earlier this year, capaz de competir en ámbitos tan distintos como el corazón Leer Más
Improv, the alternative to Raspberry Pi with a modular and upgradable CPU
La Raspberry Pi inició la moda de las pequeñas placas de hardware, with a design open and based on the philosophy of open source. Since then have released several projects that follow this trend in one way or another, offering a platform from which users can unleash our creativity. Leer Más
Available image of OpenSUSE 13.1 for the Raspberry Pi
A few weeks ago has left OpenSUSE 13.1, tanto para sistemas de escritorio como para Raspberry Pi. El sistema cuenta con las siguientes características: – Minimalist. – It is easier to change the size of the partition because root is now is much lower than the previous. – Easy to customize. – Es ARMv6 con soporte de Leer Más