BrewPi prepares beer with Raspberry Pi

An amateur to the Raspberry Pi and the beer has created an interesting open-source tool called “Fermentation controller of Raspberry Pi” O BrewPi.

According to its creator, BrewPi It is a driver of fermentation of open code that executes in a Arduino and in a Raspberry Pi. This can control the temperature of fermentation with precision of 0,1 degrees and maintain records of temperature data, In addition to having a configurable web interface. La combinación de ambos sistemas le ofrece lo mejor de ambos mundos: la estabilidad, an elegant web interface and data logging.

BrewPi You can maintain the temperature of the beer much more stable than regular thermostat-controlled devices, as the STC-1000 or the controller of Johnson. BrewPi It can operate in 3 operating modes, all based on the temperature you need in every moment.

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