BrickPi Bookreader, book reader with Raspberry IP

The people of Dexter Industries, creators of BrickPi, they have been engaged in the development of BrickPi Bookreader, a system that allows a Raspberry Pi, read books aloud and even going from one page to another.

Use the BrickPi to control the LEGO Mindstorms to turn pages, a camera Raspberry Pi to take pictures of each page, and the Raspberry Pi to convert text to voice. The result is an e-book reader that can store text, search for selected text, or read the e-book aloud.

Parts needed:
Raspberry Pi (Preferiblemente Modelo B)
– BrickPi
– Raspberry IP camera
– BrickPi Power Pack
– SD card with Raspbian installed Wheezy
– WiFi Dongle
– Engine NTX LEGO Mindstorms
– LEGO pieces to build the platform

Read the tutorial | Press here

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