IndieGoGo campaign seeks to turn the Raspberry Pi on a laptop

The small computer Raspberry Pi It has been used in all kinds of home projects, ranging from computers to household younger learn to program up multimedia and entertainment. Options to provide some mobility to Raspi are not new, However, so far we have not seen an initiative to make it a more real and complete portable. IndieGoGo campaign hopes to get the amount of money enough to do just that, and get, will sell a curious case called PiKasa.

Este pequeño (y lento) portátil incluye una cubierta de impresión 3D, an LCD, un teclado rugerizado, una batería (opcional) y varios puertos de expansión. It should also be mentioned that does not close like a traditional laptop, and also includes a mouse. Thus, the disadvantages are considerable. Nevertheless, it remains an interesting project and relatively inexpensive.

They hope to reach by selling PiKasa 100 Dollars, but people who support the project could acquire by 75 Dollars. This is, if they can raise the 25.000 dollars that have set a goal to start production. The price must increase you shipping from South Africa and, Of course, the price of a Pi and mouse. With that in mind, the laptop Raspberry Pi It ends up costing almost as much as a Chromebook, and could become more uncomfortable. It is not the ideal solution, but the initiative pleases us quite.

Source | engadget

Autor: Jose Andrade

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