Canonical and the Raspberry Pi Foundation in an article by the World Economic Forum

It is not unusual to see GNU/Linux in a medium that is not specialized, and is that in spite of the dominance of this system in most of the areas of computing, the lack of popularity in the sectors of masses, PC and mobility, they have to be a great unknown for the majority of people.

Despite all GNU/Linux is gaining ground and little by little we see it more in general or non-computer media. If last year was the interview with Mark Shuttleworth in, This time has been the World Economic Forum web site, that has given a list of "them" 24 technology companies that are changing your future", with an eye on 2015 and among them there are two closely related to GNU/Linux, Canonical and the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Of Canonical emphasizes that "is the company behind the operating system Ubuntu and the leading provider in business sectors in Ubuntu-based services, certification of equipment and telecommunications. Released in 2004, Ubuntu is an Open Source operating system for customers, servers and cloud computing, including mobile devices and smartphones".

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