CarPC, extends the features of the car with the Raspberry Pi

Andrei, a user who already in March set up a XBMC with a Raspberry Pi and a touchscreen, Today brings us, CarPC. CarPC It is a project that extends the features of a car navigation. It uses one Raspberry Pi with a distro Raspbian with XBMC It is mounted under the center armrest. In the hollow left by the radio, He has placed a touch screen of 7 inches that attaches to the Raspberry Pi through HDMI Y USB. When the car put reverse gear, the Raspberry Pi seleeciona automatically the AV input of the touch screen to be viewed through a camera, the rear of the car to avoid the blows.

CarPC also offers navigation a través del software open source Navit usando los datos obtenidos a través de OpenStreetMap (OpenStreetMap es un proyecto colaborativo para crear mapas libres y editables que se crean utilizando información geográfica capturada con dispositivos GPS móviles. A receiver GPS ST22 SkyTraq collects data through OpenStreetMap and sends them to the Raspberry Pi a time for second to update the map on screen.

More information on CarPC | Press here

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