AppGameKit: Cómo desarrollar juegos para Raspberry Pi
La realidad nos dice que existen muchas maneras de crear juegos compatibles con las diferentes versiones del Raspberry Pi. At the end of the day, its main operating systems are based on Linux, and development tools available are highly polished, pero AppGameKit ofrece algunos detalles extra muy interesantes, como por ejemplo acceder directamente a Leer Más
The super retro emulator that connects a Game Boy, a Raspberry Pi Zero and a modified cartridge
Undoubtedly one of the most legendary and Nintendo consoles of all time is the Game Boy, which it is considered the first approach to mobile gaming experiences, his legacy has allowed millions of enthusiasts around the world are looking for parts for the console, cartridges and accessories, Leer Más
Installing Recalbox, pack of emulators and media player in Raspberry Pi
En Uptodown somos muy fans de Raspberry Pi, the low-cost PC micro whose most common uses are the media center and gaming platform emulation. ¿Pero qué pasa si queremos tener todo junto y que no sea complicado instalarlo y configurarlo? Pues que nos encontramos con cosas como RecalBox, una impresionante distribución Leer Más
Kade Mini Console +, an indispensable accessory for your Raspberry Pi
One of the best features is representing the Free Hardware is to emulate and recover the old game consoles that many of us liked. Nevertheless, although they have managed very well that role, the truth is that not have been able to rescue the old control knobs, something that many of us liked. Pero eso Leer Más
PiBoy, a new change of Raspberry Pi to rescue the Game Boy
Actualmente existen muchos diseños y proyectos para realizar con la Raspberry Pi 2, however the most successful are those related to the old game consoles, if not long ago we told you about Pitendo, a project that mimics the Nitendo NES, hoy os hablamos de PiBoy, un diseño que intenta rescatar la antigua Game Leer Más