How to place a Raspberry Pi into a keyboard

In the past we have seen several projects whose main objective is to turn the Raspberry Pi in a much more complete computer. The FUZE gives a retro look, while the Pi Top transforms it into a portable system, but if you want something more "DIY", all you need is a keyboard with sufficient volume, a few extra parts, and keen to experiment.

But before anyone ask "why", what really must ask is "why not". The integrated computer keyboards are a classic feature of the retrocomputing, Nevertheless, la nueva generación de dispositivos ha abandonado (al menos por ahora) a las torres enormes que ocupan medio escritorio, for compact and hybrid solutions. Of course, no one is saying it's time to replace our PCs, but it never hurts to have a secondary computer, and the Raspberry Pi It is an excellent candidate, especially if we consider its new version. further, install a Raspberry Pi on a keyboard is much more interesting than buying a simple shell-compatible.

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Autor: Lisandro Pardo

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