How to configure the Raspberry Pi as OpenVPN server

OpenVPN It is a client/server VPN for equipment GNU/Linux as for Windows. ¿Para qué sirve hacer esto? Para conectarnos a internet de una manera segura desde cualquier red ya sea cableada o WiFi, unencrypted or WEP/WPA encryption. All traffic will be encrypted through a tunnel from the AP that we connect to our House and from there will go to the internet, is like our home. The bad thing is that you have a good upload speed, ya que de eso dependerá en mayor medida tu velocidad de bajada (a no ser que la red donde te conectes tenga menos bajada que la velocidad de subida de tu conexión).

Also in case of not redigirir traffic, to access shared resources of our home as it can be printed from the University, copy us files from the shared hard disk of home etc..

This video shows a step by step tutorial on how to configure the service OpenVPN in the Raspberry Pi (como suele pasar siempre con los videotutoriales, éste también está en inglés).

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