How to Build a retro console with a Raspberry Pi 2 and less than 100 €

As I said in my first article, lack of resources sharpens the wit. With the release of the Raspberry Pi 2, I used to build my own retroconsola. While the name of the NES-a-RPI2 project refers to I “getting better” Nintendo NES, actually I have only used by its housing, command and internal distribution.

Por 15€ he comprado una NES (con mando) de segunda mano (obviamente), disused. The Raspberry Pi 2 They sell it on Ebay for 35 € single, I've bought I come into a kind of kit that costs no more than 55 €. I was testing with the original remote, making USB keyboard with a plate, but he did not come to fruition, so I decided to catch a RETROLINK command has the same design as the original NES but USB, They sell for about 6 € in

However, for the issue of operating system, He had a big dilemma, ¿que utilizar? Si bien la RPI2 viene con una tarjeta de memoria que incluye la distribución NOOBS, for me it was not feasible, neither was Raspbian. What I wanted was just to control the console with the command and nothing more. Seeking google and youtube, I found a video on a new compatible distribution with Raspberry Pi B+.

Finally on page Lakka project found that there was an image for Raspberry Pi B+ but not for Raspberry Pi 2. Talking with its developers, I was told that he had available an image compatible with RPI2, but it was the famous Nightly Builds. The Nightly Builds are compilations that are made daily for each platform, although in this case it is an experimental version for RPI2.

So I got one nightly build and modified, personalizándola (aún más) para mi proyecto. The result of the change can be seen in the video this article.

Lakka is a distribution based on OpenELEC, pero que incluye un menú gráfico que interactúa con el famoso proyecto multiconsolas llamado RetroArch (Libretro).

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