How to perform a penetration test with Raspberry Pi and PwnPi

PwnPi es una distribución basado en Linux para Raspberry Pi (un pequeño ordenador con la arquitectura ARM, con sistema operativo embebido) que permite realizar test de penetración. Currently has with 200 pre-installed network security tools, to make test of intrusion.

PwnPi It is a simplified version of the Foundation's Wheezy Debian Raspberry Pi and it uses Openbox as window manager. PwnPi It can be easily configured to send reverse connections from the inside of a destination network by a simple configuration file editing.

Entre las herramientas que componen esta distribución destacan:

Aircrack-ng, WEP/WPA cracking program.
ARP-scan, scan arp and fingerprinting.
BFBTester, Binary Tester and brute force.
Bing-ip2hosts, It lists an IP address for host names using Bing.
bsqlbf, SQL injection and brute force.
btscanner, based on ncurses for Bluetooth devices scanner.
chkrootkit, networked rootkit detector.
darkstat, network traffic Analyzer.
dhcpdump, analyzes the DHCP packets from tcpdump.
dnswalk, information from the dns zone by searches of the name server.
dsniff, various tools for capturing network traffic, looking for insecurities in plain text.
enum4linux, a tool to enumerate information from Windows and Samba.

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