Build a remote monitoring application using Bluemix, Cloudant and Raspberry Pi

Bluemix is an open-standards platform, cloud-based, que administra y opera aplicaciones de todos los tipos (web, Mobile, big data and intelligent devices, por ejemplo).

"With a bit of code, the Bluemix platform and camera in one Raspberry Pi, We can create a simple home security system. To do it you same, follow the following steps."

To implement a system of home security, You can create an application that sends photographs taken by a device Raspberry Pi to Cloudant using Node.js, You can also deploy the picture on a web page that can be monitored remotely.

What you'll need for your application.

Device Raspberry Pi, running Raspbian.
Installation of the following libraries and Python packages 3.4.1 (obténgalos a través de Apt-Get o pip):
– Autobahn
– asyncIO
– cloudant
– Base 64
– picamera

Familiarity with Node.js and Express Node.js

Familiarity with JADE

Familiarity with HTML and CSS

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