Build the smallest gaming machine in the world with Raspberry Pi Zero

In the 80 and much of the nineties I spent hours playing with friends marcianitos. I guess for that reason still when I see a recreational feel like take a little game and if I have a machine was in my living room to hang out but most are large unfit for our tiny homes.

Tempest in a Teacup is the creation of Phillip Burgess and is possibly, seeing its dimensions 67.2 × 33.6 × -Measures 35.8 milímteros- the smallest gaming machine in the world. It does not seem highly recommended to play with your favorite games like but it's a nice touch to build for yourself or give away and who knows if one day be an object of worship as they are and the games that can emulate.

La Tempest in a Teacup está montada sobre una Raspberry Pi Zero and a tiny OLED screen 2,4 cm diagonal, It has a version of Linux operating system and the MAME emulator to run any compatible game.

Personally I think that I have no excuses to have a recreational in the lounge.

Source | the ntizando
Posted by Miguel Parada

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