Control Raspberry IP remotely using VNC and Android

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) es un sistema de intercambio de escritorio gráfico que usa el protocolo de Frame Buffer remoto (RFB) para controlar de forma remota otro equipo.

Installation in the Raspberry Pi:

1 – Start the Raspberry Pi and install VNC escribiendo lo siguiente en la consola de comandos:

sudo apt-get installtightvncserver

Para iniciar el servidor escriba el siguiente comando:

vncserver :1 -geometry 1024×600 -depth 16 -PixelFormat rgb565

By default the server begins to operate in the port 5900. He 1 is the number of the screen. What this means is that when you run the client VNC It is necessary to specify the port 5901. If you set the number of screen to 2 you would have to specify the port 5902 and so on. “600 x 1024” It is the size of the screen of the tablet android that I use. Se le pedirá que ponga una contraseña (que no sea más larga de 8 caracteres). A message indicating that the settings have been saved in /home/pi/.vnc.

With these settings you have the server VNC running.

Read the tutorial | Press here

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