Turn any hard drive into a NAS thanks to the Raspberry Pi 3

having a NAS in your home it is really convenient if you have multiple devices. Just have it on, you can access from your desktop or laptop, tablet or mobile to your files without having to be passing from one device to another. Even if properly configured, You can access this information from outside home.

The only drawback of a NAS may be the price, and energy consumption. Fortunately, the Raspberry Pi always be there watching over us. If you have a hard disk that do not use, o incluso si quieres comprar uno (Este de Toshiba de 2 TB costs only 78 euros), you can turn it into a NAS with only a Raspberry Pi. You can also use an SSD or flash drive.

further, es necesario tener una microSD (con que sea de 8 GB es suficiente) para instalar el sistema operativo en la Raspberry Pi. The system is compatible with all models Raspberry Pi, but version 3 Best results are achieved and can be fed directly to a hard drive via the USB port.

Even so, we are limited to USB speeds 2.0 and Ethernet 100 Mbps, so the transmission rates will not exceed 40 MB/s. This speed is more than enough storage to transfer files such as photos or music, and even if we access from outside the home and have symmetrical fiber optic 300 Mbps, it still will not reach the speed limit transmission.

Install the operating system

In case you do not want to use NOOBS, or we have not chosen the Raspberry Pi comes with a preinstalled operating system, We need to install an operating system. Specific, we need OpenMediaVault, downloadable here. Then, we format the microSD FAT32, 7zip extract with ISO that you downloaded, and we write the decompressed image in the Win32 Disk Imager with SD.

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