Turn your Raspberry Pi into the perfect multimedia center with OSMC

I guess you already know these small computers, the size of an ATM card that cost little more than 40 € and, Nevertheless, They offer considerable power.

One of its great advantages is that, despite being a product whose property is registered by the Fudación Raspberry Pi, use is completely free, both owners and educationally. This has made around him to create a large community of users and all kinds of operating systems and programs that allow use in many different projects appear.

Among the operating systems that can be used with Raspberry Pi we find Android, Windows 10, A multitude of FreeBSD and GNU / Linux, among others.

If you are a lucky owner of one of these devices, Today we show you how to turn it into an extraordinary multimedia center, with one of those GNU / Linux distributions mentioned earlier. In particular, is about OSMC (abreviatura de Open Source Media Center).

OSMC It is a project born in 2014 and it is based on Debian. It aims to provide the media center Kodi for a variety of devices. In fact, This software is acting, by default, as GUI distribution. Among the main advantages of OSMC se encuentran las siguientes:

◦ It is very light and runs smoothly.
◦ Your code is free and.
◦ Installation is quick and easy.
◦ It is updated automatically.
◦ You can play content from the local network or Internet, can play streaming content broadcast by other devices, or conversely, deliver content for playback on other devices.
◦ Dispone de una tienda de aplicaciones (todas ellas gratuitas) que permite añadir fácilmente nuevas características a la instalación.
◦ You can benefit from the full application repositories for Debian.

If you are interested in trying OSMC, deberás seguir tres pasos de forma consecutiva:
1.Download and install the device installer for the operating system of your computer..
2.Create the executable image OSMC on a microSD card.
3.Insert the microSD card into your Raspberry Pi and check it.

Download and install the device installer

The device installer is a program that you install on your computer. Will be responsible for creating the executable image OSMC on the microSD card from which to start the Raspberry Pi.

to obtain, we just need to open our favorite browser and go to the official website OSMC, que se encuentra en la dirección https://osmc.tv/.

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