Convert your Raspberry Pi in a FM transmitter

We will not tire of repeating it. The Raspberry Pi It is one of the most entertaining devices with more possibilities to do all sorts of things. In fact, with very little to get amazing things. As the project of which you are going to talk about in this entry. With just one cable for 20 cm connected to one of general purpose pin of the Raspberry Pi We will get a transmitter FM in the band of 100 MHz.

On this page you will find all the information but, to summarize, tell you that it is connect a cable of 20 cm in length in the GPIO connector 4 of the Raspberry Pi to serve of antenna. We need to load an application written in Python which in turn calls an application in C and that receives as input a .wav audio file of 16 mono bit. The program is responsible for generating a signal FM with the selected audio file, Thanks to generators of clock signal from the Raspberry Pi.

The intensity is apparently strong enough to reach some 50 meters with walls of by means. Y, Although the quality of the signal is not to throw rockets, It shows what can be achieved with a computer that costs 35 Dollars.

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