Turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro console with hindfoot

Create a retro console Raspberry Pi It is now easier with version 3.0 from RetroPie recently launched.

RetroPie It is a set of emulators designed with different models Raspberry Pi in mind, but it recommended at least one Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

With this program we have at our fingertips all sorts of consoles and old systems, from the most famous consoles like Nintendo and Sega, to other more rare as PC Engine, Wonderswan. Not to mention classic machines such as Atari and Commodore or MAME arcade machines.

Thanks to RetroPie tenemos acceso a miles de juegos clásicos; aunque es cierto que las Pi no son máquinas que destaquen por su potencia, They have enough to display 2D graphics of these consoles, but they are also supported most modern systems like the original Playstation or Dreamcast.

Installing RetroPie is simple, sólo tenemos que descargar la versión que se corresponda con nuestra máquina (Raspberry Pi 1 O 2), and install the image on the SD card, for example Windows Win32DiskImager.

Una vez iniciado el sistema podremos configurarlo para que nos detecte el mando de control; podemos usar uno de diseño retro o simplemente uno actual como el de la Xbox 360 with USB. Podemos leer la guía de instalación oficial para algunos detalles (como hacer que el programa use todo el espacio de la tarjeta SD), but generally only we have to configure the program to access the network and the ROMs of games.

Many of the projects inspired by classic consoles use RetroPie, such as this emulator of the original Nintendo console. With version 3.0, It is offering over 20 different systems emulators, sure we will see many more similar projects, and why not, yours.


Autor: Adrian Raya

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