Run CraftBukkit on a Raspberry Pi model B

Bukkit (también conocido como CraftBukkit) es una aplicación diseñada para crear servidores de minecraft, It can be downloaded legally from What's so special CraftBukkit is that as opposed to a creator of normal servers, This allows you to add Plugins.

Plugins are small files that can do something on your server, for example the Turnstile puts that when someone wants to access your building you have to give 1 lingote de oro (por ejemplo). The Residence is also, to delimit areas and say in that area there is PVP and which not, put them in for rent, for sale, and a long etcetera. CraftBukkit is free, so anyone who wants to create a server can do it.

Stacey Campbell after using CraftBukkiy in Windows 7 decided to port it to your Raspberry Pi. For this purpose he used the distro Raspbian It is the only one that supports floating point hardware.

Read the tutorial | Press here

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