Create your private cloud with Nextcloud Box, a small device with Raspberry Pi 2

Today it is very common to have several mobile devices and desktops, so it's not surprising that storage services in the cloud are so fashionable. But the truth is that they are nothing new, since this storage model was designed in the sixties, when they began to hold the data in virtuaes spaces.

Among current storage services are the most popular cloud Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, the onedrive, for example. But there is also an interesting alternative for those who do not trust these services and would rather choose to set up their own private cloud. This is the case Nextcloud Box, a small box with which you can enjoy the benefits of the cloud regardless of the companies mentioned.

Cloud Nextcloud - fork ownCloud - he has joined forces with the desarroladora Canonical and WD Labs software provider to launch this small device containing the revolutionary mini computer Raspberry Pi 2, accompanied by a hard disk 1 Terabyte to provide good storage capacity.

It comes with a version of Nextcloud installed that has been adapted for the services offered, such as automatic file synchronization. It also has programs like LibreOffice office suite or platform OpenHab, but you can install any program to configure the device according to the functions you add.

Nextcloud Box It provides a storage service in the cloud and sync to Dropbox style, but with interesting features such as voice and video calls, or contact management and calendar events.

By default brings a version of Ubuntu Core Snappy, which allows the device to act as a link port to the Internet of Things at home, adding functionality and control of other equipment, connecting with its owner while maintaining security via automatic updates.

This device offers the possibility of using USB and SSD drives to expand storage space, as well as increase the speed of file transfer. Very similar to what it offers ownCloud PiDrive, it also works with Raspberry Pi.

It puts control of data users, as its creators say. Thus, It is an alternative to not depend on services such as Google, Apple or Microsoft. The services available can be expanded, Nextcloud It facilitates things based on MySQL and Apache components to offer other possibilities.

To create a private cloud Nextcloud Box, you just have to wait to be put on sale next 7 October, for a price 70 euros. One example of the potential of Raspberry Pi.

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Posted by Erika Navajas

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