Create your own laptop with a Raspberry Pi

¿Te gustaría tener un portátil creado por ti mismo? Pues no hay marcha atrás. You can now create a laptop with a Raspberry Pi and four pieces more.

Every day that passes is easier to build anything we set our minds. We can get all possible materials and all the necessary software to realize the thousand and one ideas that go through our brain.

Now with the help of a Raspberry Pi we can have a laptop. It has a five-inch screen and the ability to connect the keyboard and mouse USB / Bluetooth.

Let's step. First we have to get the parts needed to build our laptop. Estas son: Una Raspberry Pi modelo A+, un PiJuice (plataforma para hacer portátil nuestro Raspberry Pi), a mouse and keyboard with Bluetooth, cables HDMI, microSD card to expand the memory of our laptop and five-inch screen.

Once we have all the parts to create a laptop with a Raspberry Pi we just have to follow the manual that hung on its website.

It is a basic and easy manual. Hasta yo mismo podría crear mi propio portátil (mentira, acabaría siendo un desastre).

It seems that with the Raspberry Pi we can get whatever we want with ease. Recently we saw how to create a weather station. Also we commented how to create our own smartphone and also we have other alternatives to create our own laptop with a Raspberry Pi.

However, Is enough a computer with the characteristics of a Raspberry Pi para satisfacer a todos los usuarios? Parece una alternativa económica que seguramente llamará mucho la atención pero es para un sector reservado de la comunidad.


Autor: Carles Rabadà

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