Create your Minecraft server with Raspberry Pi

In root you have already brought many projects to make with your Raspberry Pi, for example show you how to stream video by streaming with your Raspberry Pi or to create your own cloud, If you have known a little today and you also a lover of the fashion game you're in luck. We are going to teach you how to create a Minecraft server with Raspberry Pi.

We want to highlight that before starting this tutorial you must know some concepts basic, We are starting from a clean installation of Raspbian, that is to say, We assume the system from scratch. You should also take a look at the basic commands for the Raspbian terminal and if do not want to be all the time with the Raspberry Pi connected to a monitor can access the desktop remotely and even use a smartphone as a screen. If you have all ready we put hands to work.

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Autor: Juan Luis Ramírez

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