Course free online in Spanish about the Raspberry Pi in the Galileo University of Guatemala

According to the Foundation Raspberry Pi, the Galileo University of Guatemala has planned a free Spanish online course on the Raspberry Pi entitled “Introduction to Raspberry Pi“.

In this course, students will have the opportunity to meet the Raspberry Pi and learn what you can do, that distributions of Linux they are available, How to develop simple applications using the Python language, and how to control external devices via the GPIO interface.

La estructura del curso es la siguiente:

• Installation, configuration, accessories and other aspects.

• Installation of Wheezy and other distributions Linux.

• Introduction to the Python language.

• Introduction to the programming language Python with the Raspberry Pi.

• Complete and practical examples in Python language.

• Use of the interface GPIO for connections outside.

• Basic concepts of hardware and using the GPIO.

• Próximos pasos: proyectos y la comunidad

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