They show how a Raspberry Pi can kidnap a Chromecast

At this point we know that Raspberry Pi serves for a myriad of projects. And the last of which we have knowledge involves to the known device of Google, he Chromecast.

Dan Petro, a security analyst, It has built a small device that can hijack a Chromecast to display any content in it. Of course this makes use of a Raspberry Pi and a harmless command of standard WiFi.

In detail the used command is “deauth”, which requires a device to disconnect from the network, and treats from make a reconnection. Nevertheless, as the command is sent without an encryption allows that this can send is from any device, even from one that is not allowed in the network.

And thus the device created by Petro sends the command to the Chromecast, and take advantage of this enters setup mode after receiving it to take its control. Once kidnapped Chromecast, the device can send any content to it.

Although it is not talking about a vulnerability in the Chromecast, While the device would serve to make a another joke. In fact the source code is already published so we can build it on our own.

Source | Engadget Home

Autor: Rodrigo Garrido

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