download Windows 10 para Raspberry Pi 2

Among all the news from Microsoft yesterday, there was one that went unnoticed, the ability to download Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2.

This version is part of Microsoft's strategy to enter the field of Internet of Things, and create a common platform with smartphones, tablets y ordenadores; no estamos hablando sólo de la Pi, but other plates and low-power devices and performance.

So Microsoft has also announced it is working with Arduino to create a certification Windows 10; los dispositivos que la tengan podrán ejecutar el nuevo sistema operativo.

Now, if we are aimed at Windows Insider, we can download the first version of Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2; esta sucesora es más potente y por lo tanto debería poder ejecutar un sistema más pesado, and that has helped this version is born.

that if, Microsoft itself warns that this version is still in an early stage of development, and why some drivers are still missing and there are many details that need improvement, but also it says that this release is intended to "start the conversation" with the creators to reach an operating system for the Internet of Things complete.

Thus, only you should download this system if you have so much interest in how Windows 10 It is adapted to Raspberry Pi 2 you can forgive the faults you will encounter. The rest is better to wait until the final release in a few months.

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