They designed a housing with a 3d printer for Raspberry Pi

For those who have made a Raspberry Pi from USD$ 35 with flavor of Linux, will surely wonder how to protect it before the fall or liquid spills. Is for this reason that the engineer mechanical and amateur to the design, Frame search, It gave the task of designing a shell using Yafaray and Blender 3D modeling programs.

Let us remember that the Raspberry Pi It was intended to reduce costs as much as possible, as well as to encourage young people in the world of programming. Aunque su diseño no permite ser armado con tornillos (por ejemplo, es notable en la disposición de los puertos USB y ethernet). This would represent a problem at the level of industrial design, Alici therefore proposes an Assembly to pressure.

The case measures 9 × 6 2 × 3 cm and for the moment you can only display at Shapeways community. Alici mentions that it is in preliminary stage since he failed to prove the mini-computer that sold out in the first batch, so was based on the approximate dimensions of the plate. It is very likely that modifications when it can finally be available for download and printing in 3D.

Alici also mentioned that this product not is would be to level virtual since it would plan a production in series using the system of injection of thermoplastic, reducing costs. And by the way, I would happy to many nerds owners of the Raspberry.

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