Entrevista a Eben Upton: “In two days we have sold 150.000 Raspberry Pi 2”

The Raspberry Pi they have been one of the last great revolutions of consumer computing. These small minicomputers of 35 $ allow access to benefits and possibilities that have gone beyond its original objective, the be an important educational tool.

Last week threw the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, an evolution really outstanding of them RPi original that manages to give a leap remarkable in benefits without it have impact in your price. We have had the opportunity to talk with the founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Eben Upton, that has clarified to us what is the present and the future of a project surprised even himself.

There are already about 5,5 millions of RPi worldwide

What initially started as a modest project has become something much more relevant what this engineer could have imagined. In fact, our first question was directed to the status of the project and if the objectives of the Raspberry Pi Foundation they had changed. “No, don't think that you have made”, answered Upton, “but since we have sold many Raspberry Pi We have more money, and that allows us to invest in more educational projects”.

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Autor: Javier Pastor

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