Flotilla, any project is possible and easy with your Raspberry Pi

Before we start let me give you some advice, It is not another that recommend that you escondáis credit cards. You can now continue reading. If you were thinking of doing a more or less interesting project with the Raspberry Pi, but it gave you some fear integrating elements such as engines, temperature and atmospheric pressure sensor, lights, joysticks, switches with the Raspberry Pi both the hardware itself as by the programming of the various elements, I have to tell you that soon we will have the simplest solution I've seen to get it.

And all this thanks to a new time record on Kickstarter-funded project. Pimoroni has got as well the financing of Flotilla, a kit items and friendly programming environment for the Raspberry Pi.

Flotilla It is a set of smart, easy-to-use elements, that are connected via an interface to the Raspberry Pi via USB, and that allow the creation of projects of how simple. The power supply is through the USB connector, It is completely plug-and-play and allows you to make advanced solutions, Since we could have up to four Dock, that is the name of the interface of Flotilla, connected to a Raspberry Pi B+. And each Dock you can connect up to eight modules.

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