Gameduino 2, a portable game console by 59$

Although this news has nothing to do with the Raspberry Pi, If that it has with the plate Arduino that is compatible with the Raspberry Pi. As you can see in the video, the news is very interesting especially for those that you like video games. If we can do this with a plate Arduino that I can not do with a Raspberry Pi?

Gameduino 2 It is a project of Kickstarter that provides a kit to convert a plate Arduino in a portable game device. The developer is raising money for the project on Kickstarter , and expected to send the first units in December to which contribute $59 Or more. At the moment they have already achieved more than double of the needed money.

As you've already guessed by the name, Gameduino 2 It is actually the second product of its kind. The first was designed for the games in time for the Arduino board. The new model is a bit more powerful and capable of running the type of games that are usually seen in iOS and Android devices.

Gameduino 2 account with a TFT touch of 4,3 inches, resolution 480 x 272, an axis accelerometer, Headphone Jack and a microSD card slot.

It is compatible with what is described as a set of OpenGL graphics, with support of up to 2.000 sprites, color of 32 bitmap and JPEG files for hardware to load.

Both the hardware and software of Gameduino 2 son Open Source

If you do not visualize the video it is because you must install the plugin from Apple. If you don't want to install it also can display it on the page where he discussed the news as in Kickstarter.

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