Helado Case: un gabinete para la Raspberry Pi

There are all types of cabinets for the computer Raspberry Pi. As its size is approximately the of a credit card, mucha gente ha creado todo tipo de cajas y gabinetes para colocar (y presumiblemente proteger) a la Pi de golpes azarosos o de los inevitables accidentes, for example, the card drop us and damage therefore to. There are cabinets that appear to have been armed with LEGo pieces, even those who are very skilled workers, passing through the craft. There is everything.

As well, a Canadian company, call Qsine, with only 9 employees, have developed a packaging for the Raspberry Pi that is in many ways of industrial Court. The design is very modern and the Cabinet is circular, where is placed in the middle of the same IP. Cabinet made contact with the processor's IP if you want to "overclock", What eventually becomes a heat sink extra. And while the IP does not require cooling, I know of cases where the card has damaged by excessive heat. By which ever is bad idea make is of a heatsink extra.

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