Instalando OpenVPN server en una Raspberry Pi

Something super useful in a Raspberry Pi to connect from anywhere will be riding VPN server, in a previous document we saw how mount, but it was with PPTP, say something not very safe, in this document we will see how to install OpenVPN in a Raspberry Pi, os dejo unos apuntes para que podáis montar una VPN segura y os podáis conectar desde cualquier lugar!

OpenVPN It offers a combination of enterprise-level security, security, ease of use and rich features. Security is achieved through traffic encryption using SSL / TLS mechanisms, so in this paper we deploy plus OpenVPN per se, our own CA, generaremos los certificados para los usuarios y daremos sus claves para que se conecten! Si no tenemos una IP pública fija, would be ideal to combine it with the NO-IP client in our Raspberry Pi!!!

Comenzamos con la instalación de OpenSSL:

Read the tutorial | Bujrraa 3.0

Autor: Héctor Herrero Hermida

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