Installing Samba on Debian wheezy Raspberry IP

Ago already several weeks that is published a version very advanced and optimized for the distribution Debian for the Raspberry Pi. In this new version you will find significant improvements, notably is the speed and lower consumption of CPU motherboard.

Taking advantage of this latest version, I decided to do some tests and mount Samba on this distro, connect the external hard drive 2T I have and use it as network storage. The Guide I've used is available at this link, but I have made small adjustments to my case.

Basic details

We must first install the latest version Debian for the Raspberry. In my case, I have used an SD 4 GB and using the installer available for Windows, I have put the version of the 15 July.

Once I had it working, through the new menus available, stretched out the operating system to deal with all the SD, I configured the schedule area and finally enabled SSH.

Installation and configuration of Samba

To install Samba hacemos:

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