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Catalog it is merely the new name that is what it was before XBMC, In summary, a multimedia center. It is a graphical way to organize your movies, series, Photos, music and generally any multimedia content. It also includes everything you need to not have problems with video or audio codecs. And finally, Internet gets all data, covers, covers, posters, trailers, etc. and shows you every well-organized content, nice and easily accessible. I do not know any other better software to do more. So it is the most important point tutorial and what makes really seize Raspberry Pi.

How to install Catalog it is for console, y para acceder a la consola de la RasPi puedes hacer dos cosas:
1.Encenderla y esperar a que te pida usuario y contraseña (necesitas un teclado USB)
2.Acceder por IP mediante un cliente SSH (con la RPi encendida, claro)

Typically, the second method do so by taking advantage of the RPI have fixed IP as discussed in Step 2 This tutorial, because it is also more comfortable and does not need to be in front of television. Como ya dije las formas más típicas son escribiendo en una consola de Linux:

ssh pi@

With Putty from Windows, with JuiceSSH from Android or any other SSH client from Mac or iOS. Obviously it is always connected to the same router that the RPI. currently, later we will see how to install, update or modify things Raspberry Pi from an external network by ddclient.

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