Install Transmission on the Raspberry Pi with external hard drive

The use I'm taking you to the Raspberry Pi is brutal. Today I will teach you to install Transmission in the Raspberry Pi and make downloads in a flash drive or an external hard drive.

The vast majority of tutorials I have ever seen, or are incomplete or are copies of others. El caso es que todos los que he probado no me han funcionado ya que aunque comienza la descarga en el pen (se supone), you do not have permissions to write and cut the discharge.

If you follow this tutorial I assure you that you will operate Tranmission the first and without any problem.

Before you start to install, I'm going to comment a little over preparations to install Transmission in the Raspberry Pi and make downloads in an external hard drive or a flash drive.

Both the disk hard external as the Flash drive has to be formatted in Ext4 or in Ntfs. In Ext4 is best since it uses less resources the Raspberry Pi but of course, If we connect the hard disk or pen to a computer with Windows, will not find anything. If you use Linux as I, the best thing to do is to format it in Ext4 which consumes less processor and is compatible with Linux.

Once connected the HDD or pendrive to the Raspberry Pi, We turn on the Raspberry Pi and we connect via ssh to it.

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