Introduction to the Raspberry Pi and PyGame

The weekend of the 21 de julio (de 2012), a group of teenagers decided to use its Raspberry Pi and language Python to make a marathon of collaborative programming of 24 hours, that was called “Raspithon”. They used the library of games Pygame (basada en SDL) para crear un juego de asteroides, that would be programming between 4 people, using a Git repository as a point at which centralize everything what you were creating.

You can read the proposal made, the post that talks about the results and even download the program resulting from GitHub.

Yes four kids of between 12 Y 16 years, you don't even know each other, they are able to create a game… It is that anyone can make a game with? Pygame? Sí y no. Python It is easier to learn than other languages such as C, but you still need something of dedication if you have fluency. SDL is a library of a level quite low, de modo que no es especialmente sencilla; Pygame the “encapsulates” and it makes it a little more accessible, but still it is not trivial. further, no todo tipo de juegos se podrá hacer con una cantidad de esfuerzo razonable: Pygame puede ayudar para juegos en 2D (plataformas, simple shooters, etc) pero no simplifica las tareas adicionales que conllevaría crear un juego en 3D, so that a game of this type may involve a disproportionate amount of work.

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