The alternative to Raspberry Pi of quad-core by 35 Dollars

The Raspberry Pi It is a reference to mount our own projects, pero no es la única alternativa; poco a poco incluso vamos viendo hardware que en algunos aspectos supera al de la Pi por el mismo precio. That is the case of the ODROID-C1.

The most striking of the ODROID-C1 is your quad-core processor. It must be borne in mind that in this sector they emphasizes low costs and energy efficiency rather than brute power, but that doesn't mean that for certain things IP processor you can get short. It's the ODROID-C1 is an Amlogic Cortex-A5 of four cores to 1.5 GHz, so you should not have problems to run all kinds of operating systems and applications. Powerful enough to run emulators, como demuestran en el siguiente vídeo:

They accompany him a Mali graphics chip 450 It allows to run applications and games that use OpenGL ES 2.0 O 1.1 in Linux and Android, In addition to 1 GB of DDR3 RAM. In the same plate counts with a port Ethernet, one HDMI, eMMC or MicroSD card storage, four USB ports 2.0 and one OTG and an infrared receiver. further, It also has a 40-pin input and output port, something very important because it means that it is compatible with the modules developed for the Raspberry Pi. And all that, by 35 Dollars, is very tempting.

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