The career of Industrial Automation used Raspberry Pi projects for students

The Raspberry Pi It is a computer the size of a credit card that can be connected to a TV or monitor, and uses a keyboard and a mouse standard. It is a small device capable which allows people of all ages to explore the computing, and learn programming in languages such as Python and Scratch. Is capable of doing all what is expected of a computer personal, from browsing the Internet, play videos in high definition, working with spreadsheets, processing of texts, and play.

It was created so that children can learn to program, trying to fill the gap left by amateur like the Sinclair computers, Commodore 64, Spectrum and other similar.

Nevertheless, the ability that has the Raspberry Pi interact with the outside world, its low cost and its widespread, is being used in a wide range of projects in addition to education, such as synthesizers, weather stations and media centers, and they have been beyond the stratosphere in weather balloons.

As you can use with Linux as a system operating, in Industrial Automation from the ORT Institute tertiary career they are using it to practices of these materials. It is thought to extend its use to laboratories in networks and integrate them into projects with microcontrollers, Although the possibilities are immense.

Source | ORT Virtual Campus

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