To the new Raspberry Pi 2 He does not like to have photos with xenon flash

The launch of the new Raspberry Pi 2 It was certainly one of the big announcements this week. A plate more powerful and compatibility with a version of Windows 10, that reduced Yes, What make this mini PC's 35 $ is an interesting option. Great progress Yes, but the first holders of the plates have discovered a peculiar failure.

Not is that the new Raspberry Pi 2 is a shy plate not photos like that but the flashes of xenon light makes that when we take a picture of the plate it is blocked a few seconds to, subsequently, restart and resume working normally.

The bug could be in power chip

If we do a picture with a LED flash will not have any problem, but if we choose to use one of xenon we're going to run into this problem. ¿Por qué? Muy sencillo: los chips son fotosensibles y un flash de este tipo produce luz ultravioleta a través de hasta infrarrojos. Many plastics that are used in housing are semi-transparent to infrared and lights at the edges of the visible spectrum to reach chips.

In fact, If we review the spectrum of light from a xenon lamp we see that there are a lot of peaks in the infrared part. Apparently the problem is with the chip that is responsible for the feeding of the base plate that upon receiving this light makes that Raspberry Pi 2 have this problem, on the other hand, It is more common than it seems.

The problem is that it has failed to cover components to avoid the problem. While we wait to hear something about Raspberry, already there are some videos where we can see how is causes the failed and the effect that produces when shooting the flash of xenon on she.

The solution at the moment is to put an opaque housing.

Source | Engadget

Autor: Juan Carlos González

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