The new Raspberry Pi is focused on the design of industrial applications

The new one Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 It has left the market today and has the advantage of being smaller and cheaper than the previous model. Nevertheless, manufacturers do not expect the same avalanche in the market with respect to other versions. Eben Upton, Computer maker, It is predicted that the pace of sales "will be slower", considering that the new board is not designed for home use or for teaching, but for industrial applications.

To use the equipment, buyers will have to design a product with a slot on the circuit board to accommodate it and it will take time.

The new device has the same Broadcom BCM2837 quad-core and 64B processor and 1GB of RAM, but the size becomes smaller than half of the Raspberry Pi 3 and no Ethernet, USB, SD card, WiFi or screen Sockets.

But all these missing features are included in a connector that fits into a SODIMM, normally used in portable memory upgrades, allowing designers of industrial products choose the ports you want to expose their products and features that they want to have or do without. The Pi Foundation raspberrry It has designed its own board. The objective of this is that the plate can be incorporated in all types of robots and industrial machines.

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