The Raspberry Pi 2 laptop is made a reality thanks to pi-top

The Raspberry Pi 2 is proving to be a fantastic renewal of that miniPC low cost to any user can access and offers tremendous versatility. The projects focused on this version are appearing everywhere, and one of the highlights is pi-top, which makes the RPI 2 in the middle of a portable singular whose body is printed in 3D.

The project already has a few months of life and indeed we advance some of its features, but the appearance of the Raspberry Pi 2 He has given much more sense because now this laptop offers a much more consistent power with what we might expect from this format. Although the project is very interesting, its cost is somewhat high compared to increasingly attractive products in this segment, pero a diferencia de ellos este proyecto haría que contáramos con un equipo (casi) totalmente Open Source.

The Pi-Top is sold as a small kit assembly in which several modules in a few steps and allow a simple process that we end up with the laptop before us include. Apart from the Raspberry Pi a plate on which are the electronics that control the power and the screen is necessary 13,3 pulgadas y resolución HD (1.280 x 720 píxeles). In the kit also we found both the battery -prometen a range of between 6 Y 8 hours- and the power adapter.

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Autor: Javier Pastor

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