Raspberry Pi microcomputer GPU drivers released

Raspberry Pi controllers are already open source, allowing you to run other Operating systems other than Linux taking advantage of the capabilities of your graphics core.

Raspberry Pi has just been converted into "the first multimedia SoC based on" ARM fully functional and with controllers completely Open Source provided by your ISP", as announced by Alex Bradbury, Developer of Linux and member of the Foundation Raspberry Pi.

And it is that this microcomputer uses the Broadcom BCM2835 chip, has decided to open the code b drivers > GPU. Just what that many programmers of Raspberry Pi they had been requesting from the first day.

"From this moment on, all code VideoCore driver that runs in ARM It is available under a free software license", has specified Bradbury in the blog of the Organization. O, to be exact, It will be available under a three clause BSD license.

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