OwnCloud in a Raspberry Pi installation manual

ownCloud It is a free software that allows us to create a quick and easy private cloud. ownCloud It can be installed provided that the server has PHP and a MySQL database. Is focused on the flexibility and security, being a great alternative free to private solutions that exist today.

Some of the main functions of ownCloud pasan por la sincronización de archivos entre diversos equipos (ordenadores, smartphones y tablets entre otros) con diversos sistemas operativos como Windows, Android, iOS etc. This file synchronization is performed in the style of Dropbox, In addition in ownCloud the storage is performed by encrypting files. Other options of this great tool is that you can share files in a very easy way generating public links, view PDF documents online, and also allows us to see a gallery of images.

Thanks to the ownCloud is software free, You can install this tool on our Raspberry Pi device which will be which manage the private cloud, thus, at a low cost and low power consumption, We have a server at home.

In the section Raspberry Pi We have incorporated a full manual installation and configuration of ownCloud in a Raspberry Pi, following the steps we suggest we will be able to create our private cloud in very few steps.

Source | Redeszone.net

Autor: Sergio De Luz

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